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“Taking power away from an advocate is a dangerous thing.
Someone always pays.”

-Jacob Griffin, Griffin Ambitions Ltd. Executive Director & Mental Health Advocate


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10 Things your OCD will lead you to believe

—> Here are 10 common lies OCD tries to tell…and why you shouldn’t believe them! Through these sneaky lies, OCD pretends to be a helpful friend who wants to keep us safe. But really, it only manipulates us into doing more and more rituals. When stressed and struggling with an obsession, I’ve found it’s helpful to identify when OCD is trying to tell a lie. Then, I’m more likely to resist doing a ritual or to fight through the discomfort of an exposure.

“Smiley” Depression

Staff Reports—   When many people think of depression, they often think of sadness — and not much else. This generalization can be harmful to people who experience depression, but may not “look” depressed. For some, depression may look like sadness or exhaustion. For others, depression might look like a smiling face, or a person … Continue reading “Smiley” Depression

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