About Us

Literally Billions of College Students–Internationally are facing serious health conditions — including many of us advocating at Griffin Ambitions.

We know all too well, It’s so easy to feel like we are facing these challenges alone. The truth is, we are all facing disability, disease and mental illness together.

So when we looked online for help, all we often find is medical information and medication conspiracy theories. So we want to foster a supportive community, too. That’s what Griffin Ambitions is employing. A strategic approach to establishing health equity during the most decisive time of a young adults life (think college kiddos from 18-24) for mental illness diagnosis.

We work to share real stories by real people facing these very real challenges. We are building a brand and a community around them. Having a disability or disease doesn’t have to be isolating. That’s why Griffin Ambitions have evolved from on-campus grassroots advocacy to improving systemic care systems within higher education systems in America and even Canada!

We are stronger when we face adversity together, and we know it.
Join us as we work to establish Student Mental Health Equity with our Student Mental Health Policy Alliance.™
Please consider a 501c3 Charitable Contribution in support of our critical mission. We continue to rely solely on the generosity of our individual donors to propel this student movement!